Maintenance Detail

Maintenance Detailing Service : Previously Detailed Vehicle only.

Introduction: DetailingTom recognizes the pivotal role of preserving your vehicle’s appearance. Our comprehensive maintenance detailing service is tailored to ensure your car maintains its peak aesthetic.

Why Opt for Our Maintenance Detailing Service: This exclusive service is available to clients who have previously received our full detail package or protection detail package. Elevate your car’s appearance with our comprehensive offering, which includes:

1. Exterior Wash and Protection Top Up: Experience a revitalized exterior as we meticulously wash and enhance its protection. Our technique restores shine and safeguards your car’s surface.

2. Interior Vacuuming and Dusting: Indulge in a spotless interior with our thorough vacuuming and dusting. We eliminate dirt, leaving your car’s interior fresh and inviting.

3. Window and Electronic Screen Cleaning: Enjoy unobstructed views with our expert window and electronic screen cleaning. Clear surfaces contribute to an overall refined look.

4. Leather Cleaning: Preserve the luxurious feel of your car’s leather surfaces with our specialized cleaning. Our technique rejuvenates and extends the life of your leather interiors.

5. Door Shuts and Trims Protection Top Up: Extend the protection to the often overlooked areas. Our service ensures door shuts and trims maintain their pristine state.

Our Dedication to Excellence: We exclusively employ top-tier products and advanced equipment to guarantee a safe and effective cleaning process. Our seasoned detailers treat your vehicle with meticulous care, akin to their own.

Advantages of Regular Maintenance Detailing: Beyond enhancing your car’s aesthetics, our regular maintenance detailing shields the paint and interior from dirt and debris-related damage. Count on our service to uphold your vehicle’s value over time.

Secure Your Maintenance Detailing Service: Reach out today to secure your maintenance detailing appointment. Our flexible scheduling options and competitive pricing reflect our commitment to meeting your unique requirements.

Contact us now to reserve your slot and embark on a journey towards sustained automotive excellence.